My Dream Project Is Finally Happening!

So here it is, I’m finally going to get to kick off one of my longer term dream projects. I’m going to be writing a PowerShell library to replace one of our internal tools based out of Microsoft Management Console. I’ve never written a PowerShell snap-in before, so I figure it’s a great learning opportunity to discuss my trials, tribulations, and ultimately my wins as I go along.

A large portion of my blog moving forward will cover the work I’m putting in to the C# code behind the PowerShell snap-in, and the scripts I’ll use to test the various aspects.

Given the nature of the work that I do, I will likely be generalizing a lot of code and using placeholder variable names, or posting only small code snippits as opposed to what I’d prefer to do – which is push it all to Git and you could use it as you see fit.

Stay tuned, it’s going to be an exciting few weeks!

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