The Joy of DevOps

  • AWS Super Glue: The Lambda Function

    About halfway through our development cycle, in a meeting with our AWS Solutions Architect we received what we affectionately refer to as the “AWS Bomb”. Up until that point we had been developing our platform with the idea that all the micro services and resources required to run them all should exist within a single […]

  • This is How We DevOps

    I realized that in writing this blog, I assumed that everyone knew why the DevOps model is so important, and what CI/CD means, and why we do it. That’s probably a bad assumption. As a new(ish) development ethos, DevOps isn’t widely adopted and it can be difficult to sell DevOps as a revolution in development […]

  • Word of the Day: Outage

    Captains log, April 20th 2018. It’s day ??? of winter. I’ve packed my entire desk up and decided to move to Sunnyvale. There’s no way there’s winter in a place that has “Sunny” in the name of the city right? Well, obligatory crappy weather complaint aside…let’s get on to today’s topic, everyone’s favourite word – […]

  • Automagically Secure PowerShell Remote Sessions

    In my previous post, PowerShell for Good and Sometimes for Evil, I detailed a few steps that you can take to help secure your systems from malicious use of remote PowerShell sessions. I very quickly realized, as I’m sure many will, that the manual steps are great to understand the concept of what’s being done…but […]

  • PowerShell for Good and Sometimes for Evil

    I read an interesting article on a flight back home yesterday which detailed a brazen bank heist in Russia in which the bank robbers used remote PowerShell commands to instruct an ATM to spit out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. Interestingly the ATM itself wasn’t hacked in a way that I expected where […]

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